End Notes

  • Spring 2020
End Notes
May 19, 2020


CIS Robert E Wilhelm Fellow Hala Aldosari gave a talk on violence in women in girls, with a focus on Saudi Arabia, at a MIT Starr Forum. 

Professor of Political Science Nazli Choucri presented to the Science of Security and Privacy Program (Department of Defense) on the results of Year 2 of the MIT research project on Analytics of Cybersecurity for Cyber-Physical Systems in January. Choucri also presented to the British High Commission and Internet Society on Contextualizing IOT Security Threats for Consumers Forum in February. 

Arthur and Ruth Sloan Professor of Political Science Taylor Fravel presented “Active Defense: China’s Military Strategy since 1949” at Stanford University in January. Fravel also participated in the Trans-Atlantic Symposium on US and European Relations with China in Berlin in February. 

MIT-Africa Managing Director Ari Jacobovits collaborated with MIT Hacking Medicine, Sloan Global Programs, and the Africa Business Club to organize “Africa Takes on COVID19” at MIT as part of the COVID19 Challenge series in May. 

Ford International Professor of Political Science Barry Posen, joined by Stephen Walt, took part in a conversation hosted by the Middle East Institute (MEI) on "The Middle East in an Era of Great Power Competition" in April.  

PhD Candidate Erik Sand received the America in the World Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from the Kissinger Center at John Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. 

PhD Candidate Meicen Sun presented her research on China’s participation in UN peacekeeping at the “Rebuilding State and Society after Civil War” symposium co-hosted by the Department of History and School of Peace and Conflict at Kent State University in February. 

PhD Candidate Rachel Tecott received a Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs. 

Ford Professor of Political Science Kathleen Thelen received the Friedrich Schiedel Award for Politics and Technology. Thelen was also named Hans Fischer Senior Fellow at the Technical University of Munich. 

Professor of History at Tufts University Reed Ueda was on the steering committee and a contributing author for The Atlas of Boston History (University of Chicago Press, 2019).


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