Human Rights and Technology

The Human Rights and Technology Program explores how technology impacts human rights reporting, and how rights are challenged by technological advances. It supports student research and public discourse on these topics.


International Education (MISTI)

MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) is MIT’s principal international education program. MISTI matches MIT students with tailored internship, research, and teaching opportunities abroad.

International Migration

The Inter-University Committee on International Migration is a focal point for migration and refugee studies at six universities in the Greater Boston area. The committee is hosted by MIT as a program of CIS.

Policy Lab at the Center for International Studies

The Policy Lab aims to utilize MIT research to inform public policy through its support of faculty-led research projects across the Institute.


Program on Emerging Technologies (PoET)

The Program on Emerging Technologies examines the social impact and public policy issues arising from emerging technologies, and engages with a wide range of policymakers and other stakeholders.


Security Studies Program

The Security Studies Program is a graduate-level research and educational program. The integration of technical and political analysis of national and international security problems is a key feature of the program.

Seminar XXI

Seminar XXI educates leaders in the US government’s national security community. It links policymaking and academia by bringing together military and civilian executives with scholars from MIT and beyond.


Persian Gulf Initiative

The Persian Gulf Initiative explores the shifting dynamics in this region by refocusing the lens from US-centric to region-centric, and to include issues that affect the domestic and regional political and security environment.


Archive of Programs + Initiatives

The Center is home to multiple programs and initiatives. Programs and initiatives that are no longer active are archived here.

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