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May 30, 2023

CIS congratulates 2023 graduates

Center for International Studies

Among those who graduated from the Department of Political Science this year were three graduate students focused on international relations and security studies.

In the News

May 23, 2023

Q&A: How studying Portuguese helps to look at life through a different lens

Lisa HicklerMIT News

Aeronautics and astronautics major Theo St. Francis describes his studies of Portuguese and travels to Brazil with the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives' Global Teaching Labs.

The silhouette of an American flag

Analysis + Opinion

May 23, 2023

Did the unipolar moment ever end?

Foreign Affairs

Is the global distribution of power today is closer to being unipolar than it is to being bipolar or multipolar? Experts weigh in. 

Suzanne Freeman and Mariel Garcia-Montes

News Release

May 19, 2023

Freeman and Garcia-Montes receive Jeanne Guillemin Prize

Michelle EnglishCenter for International Studies

Suzanne Freeman and Mariel Garcia-Montes are the recipients of this year’s Jeanne Guillemin Prize at the Center for International Studies (CIS). The prize provides financial support to women studying international affairs, a field that has long been dominated by men.

A digital rendering of the Green Mosque in Balkh, Afghanistan, a 16th Century building.

In the News

May 19, 2023

Architectural heritage like you haven’t seen it before

Peter DizikesMIT News

MIT’s “Ways of Seeing” project, directed by Fotini Christia, a professor, is a historic preservation effort recording architecture through digital imaging, Extended Reality techniques, and hand-drawn architectural renderings.

Clockwise from top left: Nicholas Ackert, Nilma Dominque, Caitlyn Doyle, Margery Resnick, Teresa Neff, and Emily Goodling

In the News

May 18, 2023

Six MIT SHASS educators receive 2023 Levitan Teaching Awards

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social SciencesMIT News

Nicholas Ackert, a PhD candidate in the MIT Security Studies Program, received a James A and Ruth Levitan Teaching Award for 2023, along with five others. The awards honor outstanding success in teaching undergraduate and graduate students.

Carol Saivetz sitting in the GBH studio

In the News

May 15, 2023

Video: Ukraine pledges to take back Russian-occupied territories, but experts argue success is unlikely

GBH News

Carol Saivetz, Senior Advisor at the MIT Security Studies Program, appeared on GBH News to discuss the coming Ukrainian counteroffensive.

MIT student working in a lab

In the News

May 12, 2023

New MIT-Denmark collaboration to expand opportunities for global impact


A grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation will allow more MIT interns to connect with innovators in Denmark.

A group photo in front of the exhibit sign


May 10, 2023

CIS welcomes Weiner family for exhibit tour

Sabina Van MellCenter for International Studies

This week, Beth Ben-Avraham and Avital (Tali) Datskovsky, Professor Myron Weiner's daughter and granddaughter, visited the Institute to tour the South Asia and the Institute: Transformative Connections

Mai Hassan and Sally Kornbluth

In the News

May 9, 2023

Podcast: Bureaucracies, dictatorships, and the power of Africa’s people

MIT News

President Sally Kornbluth talks with Associate Professor Mai Hassan about public administration in Africa and how people mobilize against repressive regimes.