Sandia National Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M.
Analysis & Opinions | May 17, 2018

Calm down, folks: Enemies still fear US military tech innovation

Where most countries focus on one or two areas, America has a huge, well-funded R&D infrastructure that pushes the envelope everywhere. Panting warnings that the US is falling dangerously behind our opponents in the race for military innovation are commonplace.

John Tirman
In the News | May 16, 2018

JCPOA opportunity for EU to get rid of US dominance

The EU, in words at least, wants to keep the JCPOA and has opposed President Trump’s move. John Tirman discusses the Iran nuclear deal with Persia Digest.  

Trump leaves the room
In the News | May 14, 2018

Vipin Narang in the news

Nuclear strategy expert Vipin Narang spoke with several media outlets about President Trump's withdrawl from the Iran Deal and the implications it has on North Korea, speculating about the expectations both leaders have for the upcoming June 12th summit in Singapore between Kim and Trump

President Trump
In the News | May 10, 2018

Jim Walsh on Iran and North Korea

Jim Walsh, SSP senior research associate and foreign policy expert corrects Fox News host claiming the Iran deal must be bad because Iran wants to stay in By that definition, no deal would ever be good if the parties supported it. That's not how negotiations work.” Walsh also appeared on various media outlets to give his perspective on the latest with North Korea and President Trump.

Legal Complex, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Photo by Pfc. Elizabeth Fournier Joint Task Force Guantanamo Public Affairs.
Analysis & Opinions | May 08, 2018

The future of the US military commissions: legal and policy issues

The ongoing operation of the US military commissions at Guantanamo Bay has posed significant challenges for multiple US administrations.  

Hazel Sive - Image courtesy of the MIT Office of Faculty Support
In the News | May 07, 2018

3Q: Hazel Sive on MIT-Africa

Hazel Sive, a professor in the Department of Biology, member of the Whitehead Institute, and faculty director of MISTI’s MIT-Africa program discusses the MIT-Africa Initiative, including the launch of a new website,

President Donald Trump delivers a statement on the Iran nuclear deal from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House
In the News | May 07, 2018

Walsh on the Iran nuclear deal

We get the latest surrounding the Iran nuclear deal, amid President Trump facing a Saturday deadline to decide whether to stay with the deal, from security analyst Jim Walsh. 

Richard A. Nielsen
In the News | May 06, 2018

Richard Nielsen on Deadly Clerics

Political rebellion and violence in the Middle East has recently been associated with religious belief and rhetoric, often spurred on by the writings and recordings of Muslim clerics. What motivates imams to advocate such tactics?

President Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron last month that he would probably leave the Iran deal. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)
Analysis & Opinions | May 04, 2018

Trump thinks his North Korea strategy will work on Iran. He’s wrong on both.

On April 24, French president Emmanuel Macron walked into the Oval Office with one overriding mission: persuade President Trump not to ditch the Iran nuclear deal.

News@E40 | May 02, 2018

CIS awards 16 summer study grants

Sixteen doctoral students in international affairs at MIT were awarded summer study grants. Each will receive up to $3,500. “The awards were made to an outstanding cohort of MIT students from across the Institute. We're so pleased that the appeal of these grants has broadened and students are responding,” said John Tirman, CIS executive director and principal research scientist.

SSP director, Barry Posen, the panel (Jim Walsh, Taylor Fravel, and Vipin Narang)
News@E40 | April 26, 2018

SSP panel on North Korea in DC

The MIT Security Studies Program held a special seminar in Washington, DC, on April 26. More than sixty people attended the talk, The Nuclear Crisis with North Korea at the National Press Club. Chaired by SSP director, Barry Posen, the panel (Jim Walsh, Taylor Fravel, and Vipin Narang) discussed the current issues and answered questions from the crowd.

Sarah Zukerman Daly
News@E40 | April 25, 2018

Sarah Zukerman Daly receives Carnegie fellowship

Sarah Zukerman Daly, who received her PhD in political science at MIT, is a 2018 Andrew Carnegie Fellow recipient. She is assistant professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame. Her work is focused on civil wars and peace-building, democratic elections, organized crime, and ethnic politics.

Many MIT faculty members, such as Jessika Trancik (pictured above presenting her research on energy technologies in Davos, Switzerland), look to the MIT International Policy Lab for assistance in translating their findings into the language of policy. Photo: World Economic Forum, 2017
News@E40 | April 24, 2018

The final yard

The International Policy Lab (IPL) was set up within CIS to help make the leap from the lab bench or seminar blackboard to the halls of Congress or a decision-maker’s desk. It started out as something of an experiment but it’s flourishing: the number of proposals submitted has roughly doubled each year. 

Washington DC
News@E40 | April 24, 2018

Seminar XXI: Educating our leaders

Since 1984, the Seminar XXI program has provided 2,100 military and civilian fellows with policy training through a series of sessions held in the DC area. The program not only brings in faculty from MIT but is also able to tap into resident expertise of the Beltway.

 Pelkins Ajanoh, Kristen Frombach, Matthew Chun, Samantha Amey-Gonzalez
News@E40 | April 19, 2018

MISTI Excellence Awards

MISTI held its annual awards ceremony on April 19 at the Samberg Conference Center. The awardees and the respective categories for this year are: MIT-Japan’s Samantha Amey-Gonzalez (Biology, 2018) who received the Ambassador Award, MIT-France's Kristen Frombach (Biological Engineering, 2019) who received the Achievement Award, and MIT-France's Pelkins Ajanoh (Mechanical Engineering, 2018) and MIT-Israel and MIT-India's Matthew Chun (Mechanical Engineering and Management Science, 2018) who both received the Suzanne Berger Award for Future Global Leaders.

  PhD Candidates Rachel Esplin Odell and Meicen Sun  Images: Daniel DeKadt
News@E40 | April 11, 2018

Odell, Sun awarded fellowships

Rachel Odell and Meicen Sun have each been awarded a Smith Richardson Foundation World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship. Awards are granted to support PhDdissertation research in international relations.