Many MIT faculty members, such as Jessika Trancik (pictured above presenting her research on energy technologies in Davos, Switzerland), look to the MIT International Policy Lab for assistance in translating their findings into the language of policy. Photo: World Economic Forum, 2017
News@E40 | April 24, 2018

The final yard

The International Policy Lab (IPL) was set up within CIS to help make the leap from the lab bench or seminar blackboard to the halls of Congress or a decision-maker’s desk. It started out as something of an experiment but it’s flourishing: the number of proposals submitted has roughly doubled each year. 

Washington DC
News@E40 | April 24, 2018

Seminar XXI: Educating our leaders

Since 1984, the Seminar XXI program has provided 2,100 military and civilian fellows with policy training through a series of sessions held in the DC area. The program not only brings in faculty from MIT but is also able to tap into resident expertise of the Beltway.

Paul Heer
News@E40 | April 04, 2018

Research recap with Paul Heer

Research Recap highlights recent work that is being done at MIT's Center for International Studies. This episode features 2015-2016 CIS Robert E Wilhelm fellow Paul Heer, discussing his book Mr. X and the Pacific: George F. Kennan and American Policy in East Asia.

The U.S. Navy amphibious transport dock ship USS San Diego (LPD-22) underway conducting an underway recovery test for NASA's Orion crew module.
News@E40 | March 29, 2018

MIT PhD candidates tour USS San Diego

A group of 19 students and faculty from the MIT Security Studies Program toured the amphibious transport dock ship USS San Diego. The participants also received information about the ship's amphibious and air missions and capabilities from technical experts.

What it's like to negotiate with North Korea
In the News | March 22, 2018

What it's like to negotiate with North Korea

President Trump may find himself in a difficult position as soon as he sits down with Kim Jong-un, according to Jim Walsh, who has been in the room for previous talks and says North Korea’s first pitch is often a curveball.

US Critical Infrastructure Under Attack by Russia
In the News | March 22, 2018

Russian hackers targeted critical US infrastructure—What happens now?

Russian hackers targeted and penetrated some of the country's most sensitive infrastructure including power, nuclear, water, and aviation networks. Joel Brenner wasn't surprised.

DPRK and ROK foreign ministers abroad, preparing for talks | CGTN America
In the News | March 16, 2018

US and ROK’s diplomatic push for talks with the DPRK

There is a flurry of diplomatic activity ahead of a planned meeting between President Trump and the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un. CGTN’s Mike Walter spoke with international security expert Jim Walsh.

Dominiquo “Niquo” Santistevan
News@E40 | March 09, 2018

2017 MIT graduate awarded Luce fellowship

Congratulations to MIT graduate Dominiquo “Niquo” Santistevan for receiving a Henry Luce fellowship.  He was among 162 outstanding candidates nominated by 73 colleges and universities across the US. Only 18 scholars were awarded the fellowship, which is offered by the Henry Luce Foundation.

News@E40 | March 09, 2018

IPL completed 3rd annual call for proposals

The IPL received a record-breaking 42 proposals from 31 principal investigators representing all five schools at MIT. The committee chose 10 projects for full support. In an effort to assist as many PIs as possible with policy outreach, the majority of the remaining projects received partial support, with only six projects deemed too early to begin engagement with policy makers.

Map of Japan and ROK
Analysis & Opinions | March 01, 2018

With friends like these: Japan-ROK cooperation and US policy

Although they share a common ally, history and politics keep Japan and South Korea at arm’s length and severely limit their defense cooperation.​

Joel Brenner
In the News | February 28, 2018

Sessions pushes back on Trump after insult

"The fact that the President is upset that Sessions is playing by the book is yet another indication that the President is profoundly ignorant and indifferent to the purposes of the institutions of our government," says Joel Brenner, former NSA inspector general and a senior research fellow at CIS.

Dean Nobles moderating the discussion
In the News | February 27, 2018

Is democracy dying?

Is democracy dying, in the US and around the world? Why or why not? And if so, what can anyone do about it? These questions were at the heart of the Center’s Starr Forum on Monday evening. The panelists discussed democratic systems of rule and suggested some measures to protect them. 

Ben Ross Schneider
News@E40 | February 14, 2018

CIS sponsors politics of development series

Ben Ross Schneider, Ford International Professor of Political Science and director of the MIT Brazil Program, is a co-editor of a new CIS-sponsored series on the politics of development called Cambridge Elements. The first of several forthcoming books is available for free (for a limited time) through Cambridge University Press.

Nuclear missiles
Analysis & Opinions | February 13, 2018

What can we learn from North Korea’s successful nuclearization?

According to most theories of nuclear proliferation, North Korea did not stand much of a chance of successfully acquiring nuclear weapons. Yet here we are, staring down an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)-sized barrel of the world’s 10th nuclear weapons power.

Jim Walsh
Analysis & Opinions | February 12, 2018

Why North Korea and Iran get accused of nuclear collusion

At first glance, it would seem that Iran-North Korea military or even nuclear cooperation makes “sense.” Both nations face the United States as an adversary, and both have been subject to US and international sanctions.

John Tirman
Analysis & Opinions | February 06, 2018

An adolescent's foreign policy

If there’s one thing President Donald Trump demonstrated in his first year in the White House, it is a penchant for disruption. Not the disruption we hear so much about in the tech industry or as a tool of innovation, but just sheer destructiveness.