Starr Forum: Revisiting Port Huron

April 11, 2012 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge

The Port Huron Statement is the manifesto of the American student activist movement Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), written primarily by Tom Hayden, then the Field Secretary of SDS, and completed on June 15, 1962, at an SDS convention at what is now a state park in Lakeport, Michigan, a community north of Port Huron. The statement determined that race and alienation were the two major flashpoints to exploit for their vision of a better America. The speakers will discuss the relevance 50 years later.

About the Speakers:
Tom Hayden is a political activist, politician, and author. His most recent book is The Long Sixties: From 1960 to Barack Obama.
Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor and Professor of Linguistics at MIT (emeritus).

Sponsored by the Center for International Studies (CIS) and co-sponsored by CIS Starr Forum and Boston Review's Ideas Matter

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Free & open to the public | Refreshments served