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November 30, 2018

Human Rights & Technology Fellows announced for 2018-19

In its inaugural year, the Human Rights & Technology Program has awarded six research fellowships to MIT undergraduates.  Their projects are expansive, and include field work in Africa and South Asia and a variety of topics.  Four of them in different ways address the human right to health care or healthy environments and how technology can ensure good outcomes. 

Sana Aiyar, an associate professor of history at MIT

In the News

November 29, 2018

Populism: a case-by-case study

Una HajdariMIT News

MIT Starr Forum panel discusses extreme forms of populism that have endangered basic civil liberties and spawned intolerant rhetoric.

Admiral Swift


November 28, 2018

précis Interview: Admiral Scott Swift

Admiral Scott Swift, the former commander of the US Pacific Fleet, discusses important lessons learned during his more than 40 years of service in the US Navy. The admiral joined CIS as the 2018 Robert Wilhelm Fellow and is using this time at MIT to study key challenges facing US and global security.

Matthew Cancian


November 28, 2018

The other side of the COIN

Counterinsurgency, or COIN, in its contemporary American incarnation, grew out of the inability of existing US doctrine to contain the insurgency in Iraq, says Matthew Cancian, a PhD student in security studies and international relations.

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November 21, 2018

A US attempt to keep AI out of China’s hands could actually help China

Karen HaoMIT Technology Review

David Edelman, director of MIT’s Project on Technology, the Economy, and National Security, worries that if the restrictions are mishandled, they could cause serious “collateral damage” for US businesses. 

General Mattis

Analysis + Opinion

November 18, 2018

Time for General Mattis to move on

Harvey M. SapolskyThe National Interest

There is word that President Trump is thinking about pushing General Mattis out as his secretary of defense, the president is tired apparently of Mattis’s slow rolling or blocking his defense initiatives.

Trump Europe WWI remembrance

Analysis + Opinion

November 15, 2018

As Europe revisits wartorn times, Trump lays a minefield

Una HajdariBoston Globe

World War I is considered to be the first European war to see major US involvement. That’s why it’s ironic that at last weekend’s ceremony marking the end of that war, Donald Trump made it clear that his administration has no interest in maintaining a constructive relationship with European countries.

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November 13, 2018

Satellite images reveal hidden North Korean missile bases

Zachary CohenCNN

Vipin Narang told CNN that Kim's actions do not amount to "deception since he said on New Year's Day that North Korea would mass-produce and deploy its missiles that it already tested. There has been no agreement or discussion remotely that detailed --- even on nuclear systems, and many of these are short range conventional missiles which North Korea has never said were on the table."

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November 13, 2018

Insulting veterans and allies


President Trump is getting a lot of criticism for scrapping a planned visit to Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Veterans Day. It's the second time in three days that he has canceled plans to honor US soldiers.

Reid Pauly

Analysis + Opinion

November 9, 2018

Would US leaders push the button? Wargames and the sources of nuclear restraint

Reid PaulyMIT Press

Why since 1945 have nuclear weapons not been used? Political scientists have cited five basic reasons: deterrence, practicality, precedent, reputation, and ethics, writes Reid Pauly in International Security