Richard Nielsen
News@E40 | April 26, 2017

Nielsen receives Carnegie Fellowship

Richard Nielsen has been named a 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellow by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The highly competitive fellowship selected just 35 scholars in the social sciences and humanities for the prestigious award.  His project will focus on Islamic authority in the Internet age.

MISTI Global Seed Funds
News@E40 | April 21, 2017

MISTI funds over 80 MIT faculty projects

MISTI Global Seed Funds (GSF) awardees help to solve the world’s challenges through collaborations with their international peers. In just nine years, MISTI GSF has awarded $13,343,951 to more than 540 faculty projects in over 42 countries around the world.

Syrians burying their loved ones after the chemical attack.
In the News | April 20, 2017

Guillemin on the sarin attack in Syria

Jeanne Guillemin, a medical anthropologist and a senior fellow in the MIT Security Studies Program, discusses the April 4 attack on Syrian civilians that killed at least 80.

MIT Dome
News@E40 | April 18, 2017

MIT Day of Action

Dan Pomeroy, gives talk on “Impacting Congress Beyond Phone Calls and Emails - Engaging on Policy.” It’s being held as part of the MIT Day of Action, along with several other sessions on similar themes throughout the day that may be of interest - see full schedule here. Pomeroy is the program manager for the MIT International Policy Lab.

In 2016, The MIT-Arab World Program matched 19 MIT students with teaching and internship placements in Jordan, home of the archaeological city of Petra.
News@E40 | April 18, 2017

Building connections with the Arab world

This past year 24 students and five faculty collaborated closely with their counterparts through the MIT-Arab World Program. Going forward, the program’s leaders plan to develop more opportunities for MIT students to engage with the region.

The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter launched a missile strike against Syria on Friday.
In the News | April 07, 2017

Strike on Syria is defensible but problematic

Barry Posen comments in the Boston Globe, “…one of the great ironies of Trump’s decision to use force is that is actually in direct support of President Obama’s 2013 negotiated agreement with the Syrian government…”

Jack Straw and Celso Amorim
News Release | April 06, 2017

CIS Starr Forum hosts events with former foreign ministers

The Center’s signature public event series, the MIT Starr Forum, is featuring talks with former foreign secretaries: April 6 with Jack Straw of the United Kingdom and April 12 with Celso Amorim of Brazil.

David Edelman, Courtesy Wikipedia Commons
News Release | April 05, 2017

Technology and national security expert, David Edelman, joins MIT

R. David Edelman comes to MIT after serving six years in the White House and distinguishing himself as one of the US government’s foremost voices on how technology is changing our economy, national security, and daily lives. 

USA map – cybersecurity © Getty Images
In the News | April 05, 2017

MIT report to combat cyber threats

Joel Brenner, former NSA inspector general and CIS senior research fellow, speaks to BBC reporter Gareth Mitchell about the recent MIT report on cyber security that examines threats to the nation’s infrastructure. 

Crisis in Syria
In the News | April 05, 2017

Crisis in Syria

Carol Saivetz, a senior advisor at MIT’s Security Studies Program, is featured on WBGH's "Greater Boston" to discuss the crisis in Syria.

MIT Asian security studies faculty (left to right) M. Taylor Fravel, Richard Samuels, and Vipin Narang train the next generation of scholars and security policy analysts; counsel national security officials in the U.S. and abroad; and inform policy through publications and frequent contributions to public debates.
In the News | April 03, 2017

MIT's experts in Asian security

Taylor Fravel, Richard Samuels, and Vipin Narang train the next generation of scholars and security policy analysts; counsel national security officials in the US and abroad; and inform policy through publications and frequent contributions to public debates.

A nuclear-capable missile was displayed in the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi in 2009.
In the News | March 31, 2017

India, long at odds with Pakistan, may be rethinking nuclear first strikes

This would be more than an arms race, said Vipin Narang, “It’s very scary because all the ‘first-strike instability’ stuff is real…” Shivshankar Menon, India’s national security adviser (2011-2014) and recently at CIS as a Robert E. Wilhelm Fellow, is also quoted.

Joel Brenner
Op-Ed | March 23, 2017

Protecting America from cyber attacks

Joel Brenner, a senior research fellow at CIS, gave a presentation on protecting America’s critical infrastructure from cyber attacks to InfraGard, a partnership between the FBI and the private sector dedicated to sharing information to prevent hostile attacks against the United States.

Lourdes Melgar
In the News | March 22, 2017

Mexico’s energy reform

Lourdes Melgar, the Center’s Robert Wilhelm Fellow, MIT alumna, and former Mexican government official discusses opportunities and challenges of recent energy reforms in Mexico.

During the 2017 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference, Narang said, "There is increasing evidence that India will not allow Pakistan to go first".
In the News | March 21, 2017

India may abandon its 'no first use' nuclear policy

"Serious voices, who cannot be ignored, seem to suggest that this is where India may be heading, and certainly wants to head,” said Vipin Narang, an expert on South Asian nuclear strategy.

A funeral service last week for victims of a garbage landslide in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At least 113 people were killed in the March 11 collapse, according to the government.
In the News | March 20, 2017

As trash avalanche toll rises in Ethiopia, survivors ask why

The disaster is at odds with the image Ethiopia wants to project as a rapidly developing country, reports Hadra Ahmed and Jacey Fortin for the New York Times. Fortin is the 2016-17 Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow at CIS.