The CIS is home to several innovative Europe-focused programs including the MIT-Europe Programs, which administer MISTI internships to MIT students throughout the region. We offer seed funds to MIT faculty for research collaborations with partnering organizations in Africa. Events and webinars that address a range of issues in the region are offered throughout the academic year. Our faculty provide analysis and scholarship in their respective areas of expertise.

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Programs & Activities

  • MISTI Europe

    MISTI Europe

    Students at MIT can experience the diversity and ingenuity of the region by taking part in our fully funded internships, research, and teaching opportunities with leading companies, universities, and other organizations. MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives) is a global extension of the Institute’s on-campus learning and cutting-edge research.

  • Global Seed Funds

    Global Seed Funds

    Global Seed Funds support faculty-led innovative projects that will help lay the foundations for new research and education initiatives between MIT and Europe.

  • Global MIT At-Risk Fellows: Ukraine

    Global MIT At-Risk Fellows: Ukraine

    The newly launched Global MIT At-Risk Fellows (GMAF) program is designed to provide sanctuary to scholars around the globe whose lives and academic freedom are under threat. The program offers educational and research experiences to at-risk university faculty and researchers by introducing them to MIT campus methods and strategies in their areas of specialty. The GMAF pilot program is focusing on Ukrainian researchers and faculty with current or recent affiliations at Ukrainian universities or the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

  • Focus on Eurasia

    A speaker series, open to the public, that is focused on current issues in Eurasian domestic and foreign policies.

  • M3 Europe

    M3 is an effort to strengthen ties with colleagues across the Institute who share research interests in a particular region or discipline. We invite you to join our mailing list here, if you'd like receive news and updates on research across Europe in all disciplines and research topics, but especially around global challenges such as climate and sustainability, health, AI and computing, democratic stability, inequality, and human development.