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Air pollution in Beijing

Analysis + Opinion

October 1, 2022

The rewards of rivalry: US-Chinese competition can spur climate progress

Jeff D Colgan and Nicholas L MillerForeign Affairs

The two superpowers are engaging in competitive shaming, attempting to attract or retain partners by drawing attention to the abuses of their rival. And they are trying to outbid each other, bestowing economic benefits on countries to win them over to their side. They also, however, sometimes pursue institutionalized cooperation when facing common threats.

Mourners attending funeral

Analysis + Opinion

September 27, 2022

As Brazil’s election day approaches, fear of violence grows

Paulina Villegas and Gabriela Sá PessoaThe Washington Post

Paulina Villegas and Gabriela Sá Pessoa report on an unusually deadly election campaign in Brazil. Read the article here in The Washington Post.

Protests in Iran

In the News

September 26, 2022

Protests, political unrest and violent clashes plague Iran

Robin YoungWBUR

Here & Now's security analyst Jim Walsh was at the UNGA and speaks to Robin Young about the latest news on Iran.

United States map breaking apart

Analysis + Opinion

September 22, 2022

These disunited states

Steven Simon and Jonathan StevensonThe New York Review

It is time to consider a radical solution to stave off the prospect of political violence and even civil war in the US. Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson's newest piece, published here in The New York Review. 

Taylor Fravel speaks with Wenchi Yu

In the News

September 21, 2022

Taylor Fravel shares insights into China, Taiwan, and US upcoming moves with Wenchi Yu

Wenchi YuTVBS English News

Taylor Fravel speaks on TVBS News with Wenchi Yu on the upcoming moves of China, the US, and Taiwan. 

Republics of Myth cover

In the News

September 20, 2022

The US-Iran conflict: Review of “Republics of Myth”

Marc Martorell JunyentInformed Comment

Marc Martorell Junyent reviews Republics of Myth: National Narratives and the US-Iran Conflict by Hussein Banai, Malcolm Byrne, and John Tirman. 

In memory of John Tirman, who passed away suddenly on Friday, August 19, 2022. Read the obituary and tributes.

Sue O’Connell talks to Carol Saivetz

In the News

September 14, 2022

Ukraine gaining ground over Russian troops

Sue O'ConnellNECN

Sue O’Connell talks to Carol Saivetz about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reaction to the news that his troops are losing ground.

Carol Saivetz, Tom Nichols, and Jim Braude

In the News

September 12, 2022

‘This war isn’t even close to over’: Ukrainian advances spring hope, but not victory

Jim BraudeGBH News

A massive counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces has forced Russian troops to retreat in several key cities in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region. Tom Nichols, international affairs expert and staff writer with The Atlantic, and Carol Saivetz, senior advisor for MIT’s Security Studies program, joined Jim Braude to discuss why this victory doesn’t signal an end to the war and the only person who can decide when this war is over is President Vladmir Putin.

Shinzo Abe

In the News

September 10, 2022

The Abe legacy: a Japan empowered by far-reaching reforms

Peter TaskerJapan Forward

Quoted: "In his fascinating book Special Duty: A History of the Japanese Intelligence Community, Professor Richard Samuels of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology puts it like this: 'For decades after the war, Japan had no centralized intelligence capacity…. It was not until Prime Minister Abe’s reengineering project — including creation of a centralized NSC (National Security Council) in 2013 and its intelligence coordinating unit, the National Security Secretariat — that the government acted on its oft-stated determination to upgrade Japan’s intelligence capacity.'"

Jung Jae Kwon

In the News

September 9, 2022

Jung Jae Kwon: Questioning the nuclear umbrella

Leda ZimmermanDepartment of Political Science

Dissatisfied with security guarantees from the US, America’s junior allies want greater control over their own defenses. A profile of PhD student Jung Jae Kwon