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Four protestors holding blank papers covering their faces

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December 1, 2022

Xi broke the social contract that helped China prosper

Yasheng HuangThe New York Times

Chinese citizens just want their lives back, an argument John Stuart Mill never thought of as a defense of free speech. If that is the battleground on which debate on democracy and autocracy is waged, democracy wins every time, and we have Mr. Xi to thank for it.

Map of Pangong Tso bridge

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November 29, 2022

China built new military post near disputed Indian border, satellite images show

Alexander Ward and Matt BergPolitico

Quoted: "This appears consistent with China’s efforts to improve infrastructure near the LAC in the eastern section. There are many other similar weapons emplacements in other locations, where China is clearly digging in for long-term, all-season presence and to have the means to react to any contingency,” said M. TAYLOR FRAVEL, an expert on China’s military and director of the security studies program at MIT.

Mai Hassan

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November 21, 2022

Machinery of the state

Leda ZimmermanMIT News

Associate Professor Mai Hassan documents bureaucratic systems in Eastern Africa set up for coercion, as well as roadblocks to democratic government.

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November 15, 2022

Should the United States pledge to defend Taiwan?

Eric Heginbotham and Shivshankar MenonForeign Affairs

Should the United States publicly adopt, as official policy, a pledge to use military force to defend Taiwan, and all the territories under its direct control, in the event of a Chinese invasion? Experts weigh in. 

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November 9, 2022

Advancing the energy transition amidst global crises

Leda ZimmermanMIT News

Quoted: “Although the United States and China working together would have huge effects for both countries, it is politically unpalatable in the short term,” said Taylor Fravel, the Arthur and Ruth Sloan Professor of Political Science and director of the MIT Security Studies Program. 

The Council of Ministers headed by Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani holds its first session on October 28, 2022

Analysis + Opinion

November 8, 2022

The new Iraqi PM is a status quo leader, but for how long?

Steven Simon and Adam WeinsteinResponsible Statecraft

The appointment of a new prime minister and his cabinet last week represents a peaceful government formation in Iraq following months of tension and a bout of violence. But can Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani keep it together?


November 4, 2022

John Tirman Memorial Service

MIT Center for International Studies

John Tirman, an MIT scholar in political theory and expert on US-Iran relations and human security, passed away on the morning of August 19 after suffering cardiac arrest. He was 72. Since 2004, Tirman served as the executive director of and principal research scientist at the MIT Center for International Studies (CIS). During this time, he was a prolific and thoughtful—but always modest—leader of many of the center’s initiatives. His memorial service, held November 4, 2022, is available to watch online.

a tank firing

Analysis + Opinion

October 30, 2022

What is America's interest in the Ukraine war?

Joshua ShifrinsonThe National Interest

Amid the continuing war and ongoing calls for the United States to “do more,” the question remains: what, if any, are the United States’ strategic interests in Ukraine—and how might the United States best service them?

5 men in a room meet during Cuban Missile Crisis

Analysis + Opinion

October 28, 2022

What ever happened to our fear of Armageddon?

Jim WalshResponsible Statecraft

What can the Cuban Missile Crisis tell us about today's nuclear dangers?

Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Shia' Al Sudani

Analysis + Opinion

October 17, 2022

Major flip in Iraqi government this week: could crisis be over?

Steven Simon and Adam WeinsteinResponsible Statecraft

This week Iraq came one giant step closer to forming a government as the parliament elected Abdul Latif Rashid as president who then designated Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani as prime minister. How did this happen and what does all this mean for the US-Iraq relations?