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précis, the MIT Center for International Studies magazine, features essays by our scholars, covers the wide range of Center activities, and tracks the accomplishments of our research community. It is published twice yearly, once during each academic semester.

If you have story ideas or would like to write an article, please contact the 2023-2024 graduate student editor Miriam Hinthorn or editor Michelle English.

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Fall 2018
Admiral Swift précis Interview: Admiral Scott Swift

Admiral Scott Swift, the former commander of the US Pacific Fleet, discusses important lessons learned during his more than 40 years of service in the US Navy. The admiral joined CIS as the 2018 Robert Wilhelm Fellow and is using this time at MIT to study key challenges facing US and global security.

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NYT WWI Ends Van Evera revisits World War I

One hundred years ago on November 11, 1918, the Allied Powers and Germany signed an armistice bringing to an end World War I. Stephen Van Evera, Ford International Professor of Political Science and an expert on the causes of war, revisits the Great War and discusses key insights for today one century after its bitter end. 

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Matthew Cancian The other side of the COIN

Counterinsurgency, or COIN, in its contemporary American incarnation, grew out of the inability of existing US doctrine to contain the insurgency in Iraq, says Matthew Cancian, a PhD student in security studies and international relations.

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Fall 2018 Briefings Briefings

Populism: A case-by-case study; Reducing gun violence; New conversations with MIT students about identity while abroad.

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Fall 2018 Activities Activities

Human Rights & Technology Fellowship Program; MIT-Japan goes full STEAM ahead; Journalist Una Hajdari joins CIS; Starr Forums; SSP Wednesday Seminars;  and more.

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End Notes Fall 2018 End Notes

End Notes features the professional achievements of our scholars, students, and staff. This includes recent awards, speaking engagements, and publications.​

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