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Ships are loaded with cargo at the Shekou Port in Shenzhen, China, on Sept. 3, 2010

Analysis + Opinion

December 17, 2023

America needs a single integrated operational plan for economic conflict with China

George J Gilboy and Eric Heginbotham Lawfare

Lessons from a recent wargame for managing a crisis over Taiwan.

A Brazilian soldier training for a radiological weapons attack, Brasília, May 2013

Analysis + Opinion

December 15, 2023

Why the world should still worry about dirty bombs

William C Potter, Sarah Bidgood & Hanna NotteForeign Affairs

Visions of dirty bombs and radiological terrorism obscured the fact that the threat from radiological weapons was not limited to terrorist groups.

President Joe Biden shakes hands with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as they meet in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023

Analysis + Opinion

December 13, 2023

America shouldn’t insist on a strategic defeat of Russia

Michael O’Hanlon and Caitlin TalmadgeThe Hill

Most Americans believe Ukraine has the moral high ground — but that is different from believing Ukraine will get everything it wants at the end of this fight.

Eric Evans seated in front of the lincoln labaratory

In the News

December 6, 2023

Eric Evans to step down as director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Zach WinnMIT News

Eric Evans, who is stepping down as director of MIT Lincoln Labortory on July 1, 2024, will hold an appointment on the MIT campus as a senior fellow in the Center’s Security Studies Program. 

Distinguished Speaker Prof. Siqi Zheng (MIT) presenting Sustainable Real Estate and Cities: A Framework.


December 4, 2023

MISTI-Brazil student attends São Paulo workshop on climate resiliency

Viviana RiveraCenter for International Studies

An multidisciplinary workshop in São Paulo explored sustainabie, urban mobility in the context of the climate crisis. 

Students crossing the street by the MIT Lobby 10 entrance

In the News

December 4, 2023

3 Questions: Melissa Nobles on combating antisemitism and Islamophobia

MIT News OfficeMIT News

MIT’s chancellor discusses the university's effort to educate the community and combat hate, including a three-session online course organized by the Center for International Studies. 

Then-Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide attends the 9th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM9), held in the form of a videoconference, July 2, 2021.

Analysis + Opinion

November 30, 2023

PALM10: Japan’s chance to engage with Pacific island countries

Mina Pollman, PhDThe Diplomat

As China attempts to increase its influence over the PICs, Japan must marshal a strategic response that connects these states to its broader objectives in the Indo-Pacific.

In the News

November 17, 2023

Foreign policy scholars examine the China-Russia relationship

Peter DizikesMIT News

An expert panel discussed the strengths, and limits, of the alignment between the two world powers and US rivals.

students at heritage meets heritage event

In the News

November 17, 2023

Celebrating diversity and cultural connections

Michael BrindleyMIT News

At a “Heritage Meets Heritage” event, MIT students enjoy conversations, trivia, and delicacies from around the world. The event was co-sponsored by MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives.

Chinese intercontinental ballistic missiles in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, October 2019

Analysis + Opinion

November 10, 2023

China’s misunderstood nuclear expansion

M Taylor Fravel, Henrik Stålhane Hiim, and Magnus Langset TrøanForeign Affairs

Many eyes are on China’s efforts to accelerate the expansion of its nuclear weapons. Instead of speculating, we can look to China’s own strategists: “Their writings and analysis since 2015 suggest that China’s nuclear expansion is less a shift in Chinese intentions than a response to what Beijing perceives as threatening changes in US nuclear strategy, reflecting an acute security dilemma.” Anxiety is growing among both countries' defenses.