Myron Weiner Seminar Series on International Migration

During each academic year, the committee sponsors a seminar series on international migration, held at MIT's Center for International Studies (CIS). In fall 2005, the series was re-named The Myron Weiner Seminar Series on International Migration in honor of the late founder of the Inter-University Committee and former director of CIS. The seminars explore factors affecting international population movements and their impact upon sending and receiving countries and relations among them.


Spring 2024 Seminars

February 5, 2024

3:00pm-4:15pm ET
E40-496, Pye Conference Room

About the speaker:

Osman Balkan is Associate Director and Program Director of Curriculum, Experiential Learning, and Innovation at the Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and a Senior Fellow at the Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies.

Balkan’s research and teaching focus on the politics of global migration, race and ethnicity, identity and inequality, political violence, and collective memory with a transregional concentration on Western Europe and the Middle East. He is the author of Dying Abroad: The Political Afterlives of Migration in Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2023), which was published as part of the LSE International Studies Series.

March 4, 2024

3:00pm-4:15pm ET
E40-496, Pye Conference Room

About the speaker:

Pascale Laborier is a sociologist and professor at Paris Nanterre whose research over the past decade has focused on the history of scholars in exile. Some of her recent scholarship has focused on refugee scholars from Uruguay and Chile during the dictatorships. She is currently presenting seminars in Uruguay.  She is one of the founders of PAUSE, a French organization with private and government funding that helps refugee scholars in France find university jobs and funds them for their first year of teaching. Together with an artist-photographer she has created an exposition on these themes that will be shown at MIT starting Feb. 29, 2024. The exposition has been shown in Germany, France, and Belgium and currently in Uruguay and Chile.

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