MISTI internships begin

MISTI internships begin

MIT students have begun their MISTI global summer internships.

MISTI interns with the US ambassador to Denmark
Interns hiking in Israel

MIT-Israel students during an early morning hike in Mt. Arbel Nature Reserve.

Sabina Van Mell
June 28, 2023
Center for International Studies

As MIT’s hub for global experiences, MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) sends hundreds of MIT students abroad each summer to intern in companies, universities, governments, and nongovernmental organizations.

This summer, over 600 MIT students are abroad with MISTI programs. Students are interning in 25 countries around the world, working with partner institutions across a range of subject areas.

Katherine Hobgood (Biology '24), who is interning this summer at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) in Bangalore, India, shares that "day to day is super interesting because my lab is full of animal/ecology researchers working on a wide vareity of subjects so I get to hear about different research every day! My actual work day consists of reading a wide variety of papers, enjoying a great dosa for lunch, and working on using a mass spectrometer to analyze proteins and chemicals in tiger urine." 

Through their internships, MIT students will connect with their local culture as well as gaining valuable professional experience. MISTI experiences make it possible for students to experience the world while advancing knowledge, tackling tough challenges, and preparing for lives of impact, service, and leadership in an interconnected global society.