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Kim Jong Un

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April 29, 2020

Where is Kim Jong Un?

WBUR Here and Now

North Korea hasn't reported a single case of Covid-19 and the pandemic coincides with the absence of the country's leader, Kim Jon Un. Jim Walsh offers insight into the situation.

Aerial view of the Pentagon

Analysis + Opinion

April 28, 2020

Don’t classify the FYDP; Budget transparency helps allies, taxpayers

Unclassified information about DoD’s current plans will help the country weigh options such as sustaining the current defense budget, shifting priorities within it or significantly shrinking it by rethinking the US approach to the world.

The head of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus speaking at a podium with the World Health Organization backdrop behind him

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April 28, 2020

'War and disease travel together': Why the pandemic push for a global cease-fire is gaining ground

Deirdre ShesgreenUSA Today

Barry Posen quoted: "The disease caused by the coronavirus is weakening all of the great and middle powers more or less equally," he said. He said with no country likely to gain a meaningful military advantage from the pandemic, "the odds of a war between major powers will go down, not up." 

Screen shot of Yasmeen Silva, Jim Walsh, Joe Cirincione, Vipin Narang

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April 28, 2020

Will the Covid-19 pandemic change national security?

Peter DizikesMIT News

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to inflict huge damage around the world, international affairs experts are increasingly wondering: Will the virus make countries reconsider their national security strategies?

The NNSA's new mission logo for the W76-2 low-yield, submarine-launched, ballistic-missile warhead.

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April 28, 2020

Low-yield warhead eliminates need for nuclear buildup, state says

Dan LeoneDefense Daily

Vipin Narang quoted: “What can the low yield [submarine launched ballistic missile] do that our current low yield nuclear systems cannot?” Vipin Narang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology mused on Twitter. “Range and penetrate into downtown Moscow. Which doesn’t seem all that restrained.”

person working on laptop with a globe on table


April 26, 2020

CIS awards 17 summer study grants

Seventeen doctoral students in international affairs at MIT were awarded summer study grants. Each will receive up to $3,500. Sara Plana was awarded the first annual Guillemin prize.  “The awards were made to an outstanding cohort of MIT students from across the Institute. We're so pleased that the appeal of these grants has broadened and students are responding,” said John Tirman, CIS executive director and principal research scientist.

Long unemployment line

Analysis + Opinion

April 25, 2020

Europe has kept down pandemic unemployment--and the US hasn’t. Here’s why.

Over the last several decades, the United States has either shrunk its state capacity or failed to build it, especially around providing social benefits. In Europe, by contrast, governments have enough administrative capacity to deliver comprehensive help swiftly and directly.

Serbian soldiers stand guard at border crossing with Croatia

Analysis + Opinion

April 23, 2020

Do pandemics promote peace?

Covid-19 does nothing to mitigate such risks for world leaders—and a great deal to feed their reasonable pessimism about the likely outcome of even a conventional war, says Barry Posen in an essay in Foreign Affairs.

MIT Covid 19 Challenge logo


April 23, 2020

MIT challenge: Africa takes on Covid19

MIT is hosting a series of open challenges to take action on the COVID-19 crisis. The MIT COVID-19 Challenge virtual event, Africa Takes on COVID-19, will begin May 1 and end May 3. This is part of a series of virtual hackathons with partners from across the MIT (including the MIT Africa Program) and healthcare ecosystems. 

People watch archival footage of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Seoul Railway Station on April 21.

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April 23, 2020

The rumors of Kim Jong Un’s “grave” illness, explained

Alex WardVox

Vipin Narang quoted: “What if he is technically ‘alive’ or there is litigation amongst potential successors as for whether he is alive or dead? Who can legally issue orders? What if there are contravening orders?” said Vipin Narang, an expert on North Korea’s nuclear program.