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A Chinese military vessel near Pingtan Island off Fujian province on Friday.

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August 7, 2022

China’s military exercises showcase modern fighting force preparing for possible war in the Taiwan Strait

Alastair Gale and Nancy A YoussefThe Wall Street Journal

Quoted: “The ability to conduct joint operations around Taiwan has been a driver of China’s military strategy and force modernization for more than two decades,” [M Taylor] Fravel said. “We should not be surprised by what the PLA is doing, how it is doing it or what it has accomplished.”

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio

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August 5, 2022

Kishida becomes first Japanese PM to attend NPT Review Conference

Mina PollmannThe Diplomat

Kishida’s appearance at the review conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is a sign of his personal interest in nuclear disarmament.

Chinese President Xi Jinping reviews an honor guard

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August 4, 2022

What China wants from these war-games

Omar DuwajiThe World

Chinese officials warned that there would be a response if Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. But what does Beijing want from these military maneuvers near the island of Taiwan? Host Marco Werman speaks with Taylor Fravel from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Security Studies Program.

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August 2, 2022

Forceful China response to Pelosi could backfire

Chou Shih-wei and Ken ChaoFocus Taiwan

Quoted: "US-based China researcher M Taylor Fravel said Monday that a forceful show by Beijing in response to a reported visit to Taiwan by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi could backfire. Fravel, a political science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said on Twitter that with the People's Liberation Army approaching the peak of its annual training, China will likely convey its discontent with live-fire exercises in a larger scale, and even with incursions across the median line of Taiwan Strait for days if not weeks."

Ukraine tank and troops.

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July 30, 2022

Ukraine needs solutions, not endless war

Steven Simon and Jonathan StevensonNational Interest

In the Russo-Ukrainian War, neither side seems inclined to talk to the other at this point. But one of the purposes of diplomacy is to probe adversaries’—and allies’—intentions in a crisis

Shinzō Abe in front of Japanese flag

Analysis + Opinion

July 28, 2022

After Abe, Japan tries to balance ties to the US and China

Richard J SamuelsThe Wall Street Journal

Shinzo Abe left the stage at a critical moment for Japanese decision makers. Richard Samuels' latest opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal. 

Carol Saivetz on NECN

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July 25, 2022

War in Ukraine entering sixth month

Sue O'ConnellNECN

Sue O’Connell spoke with Carol Saivetz from the MIT Security Studies Program about a new deal struck to resume grain exports and worries over Russian gas supplies as the war enters its sixth month.

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July 11, 2022

Ukraine war: Is Russian defeat nothing but a 'fantasy'?

Barry R PosenDW News

Barry R Posen, Ford International Professor of Political Science at MIT, speaks on DW News about the Ukraine war and his analysis of possible outcomes. 

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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July 8, 2022

Why Shinzo Abe was such a towering figure in Japan

Tobias BurnsThe Hill

Quoted: Abe “sought to shift the center of gravity in Japanese political culture away from the pacifism that characterized most of the early to mid post-war period to a place that was, in his view, more normal,” Richard Samuels, a political scientist and Japanologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said in an interview, speaking from Berlin.

PM Shinzo Abe during a 2015 visit to MIT

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July 8, 2022

CIS mourns the loss of Shinzo Abe, former prime minister of Japan

Richard SamuelsCenter for International Studies

It is with tremendous sadness and alarm that a senseless act of political violence claimed the life of former prime minister Shinzo Abe on July 8 while he was speaking at a political campaign event for the Liberal Democratic Party in the city of Nara in western Japan. We join the Japanese people in mourning their loss, and send our condolences to the Abe family.