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December 2, 2015

Geography critical factor in US-China rivalry

The Korea Herald

Scholar says China may still face enormous disadvantages in potential South China Sea conflict against US.

Chappell Lawson

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November 19, 2015

Q&A on International Policy Lab

MIT News

IPL faculty lead describes the project's origins and invites proposals for lab-funded policy research projects.

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September 11, 2015

Power plays in Asia Pacific 70 years after WWII

NHK World "Global Agenda"

What should Japan do to enhance stability and prosperity in Asia-Pacific? What shouldn't it do? As the U.S. continues its "pivot" towards Asia, what does the Obama administration expect from Japan? China is increasing its presence across Asia, and challenging U.S. power in the region—what are its hopes for the future? Experts from Japan, China, and the U.S. discuss the best way forward for Asia, and how to bring it about.

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July 24, 2015

US Iran nuclear deal

Peter DizikesMIT News

MIT has long been a leader in the scholarly study of nuclear security. With the announcement of a major new nuclear agreement between the U.S. and Iran this month — subject to government approval in each country — MIT News asked several of the Institute’s experts on this vital issue to evaluate the pact and its larger implications.

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June 29, 2015

US, Iran, and terrorism

Nozhan EtezadosaltanehIranian Diplomacy

Interview with Alessandro Orsini, Director of the Center for the Study of Terrorism at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and Research Affiliate at the Center for International Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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May 18, 2015

'Homemade' opiates

Peter DizikesMIT News

Writing in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have announced a new method that could make it easier to produce drugs such as morphine. Political scientists Kenneth Oye and Chappell Lawson of MIT, along with Tania Bubela of Concordia University in Montreal, authored an accompanying commentary about the regulatory issues involved. Oye answered questions on the subject for MIT News.

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May 13, 2015

Armenians and the legacies of World War I

Brookings Institute

This year marks the centenary of the atrocities perpetrated against the Armenian people of the Ottoman Empire during World War I by the governing Committee of Union and Progress. Most scholars and many governments consider these horrific events––in which more than one million people were systematically massacred or marched to their deaths––to constitute the first modern European genocide. 

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May 3, 2015

Culture clash

Peter DizikesMIT News

Immigration policy has been among the most rancorous of U.S. political issues in recent years. What has been fueling America’s contentious debates over the topic? Security, according to many people: In the time since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, keeping borders secure has been a main justification for tightly controlled immigration. But underneath those concerns lies a simmering cultural clash, according to one MIT scholar who has been studying the topic in depth recently.

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April 27, 2015

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits MIT

Peter DizikesMIT News

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan visited MIT Monday morning as part of his weeklong trip to the U.S., participating in a roundtable discussion of innovation strategies during his stop at the Institute.