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Richard Samuels

Analysis + Opinion

July 11, 2024

Japan’s intelligence capabilities with Richard J Samuels

Robert WardInternational Institute for Strategic Studies

Richard Samuels, Ford International Professor of Political Science, joins leading experts to discuss the history, current, and potential threats of Japan’s intelligence capabilities.

The US Mexican Border

Analysis + Opinion

July 9, 2024

Thousands of Afghans fought with the US against the Taliban. Why have they been forgotten?

Anjana SankarThe Boston Globe

Among the many migrants showing up at the US-Mexico border are Afghans who still hope America will come through on its promises to them, writes Anjana Sankar, the Center's IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow, for the Boston Globe.

A United States Air Force B-2 Spirit Bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, undertook a hot pit refueling operation at Lajes Field, on September 12, 2023. Cristina Oliveira/U.S. Air Force via DVIDS.

Analysis + Opinion

July 8, 2024

How would Trump and Biden handle US nuclear policy upon reelection?

Caitlin TalmadgeBrookings

Few issues are as potentially consequential as U.S. nuclear policy. What are Donald Trump and Joe Biden likely to do with respect to deterrence and arms control if reelected? Their previous terms in office suggest important differences—not only on specific nuclear policy issues but also in their overall approach to managing nuclear risk.

Spring/Summer 24 Precis


July 3, 2024

précis: Spring/Summer 2024

Center for International Studies

The Spring/Summer 2024 edition of précis features an interview with Noah Nathan, the inaugural Global MIT At-Risk Fellows (GMAF) program, a tribute to Owen Coté, and more.

Compass pointed toward excellence


July 1, 2024

End Notes

End Notes features an editor's pick of professional achievements of our scholars, students, and staff.

Anjana Shankar Interview Screencap


June 26, 2024

Chasing global stories on human rights and conflict

Anjana Sankar, a veteran journalist in the UAE, has reported on the ground from Syria and inside Kurdish prisons; embedded with Emirati military forces and covered the UAE’s deployment in the Saudi-led war; and reported on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). She joined CIS as the 2024 Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow and is now at the New York Times for the final phase of her fellowship. Learn about her work in this video essay.

Kinan Martin Interview Screencap


June 26, 2024

Deciphering the brain and language through AI

By summer’s end, Kinan Martin '24, will have completed five MISTI programs. His global experiences include teaching and empowering students in Kazakhstan and Jordan through MISTI Global Teaching Labs programs. He applied natural language processing and his AI know-how during his MISTI internships in Chile and Taiwan. A computer and cognitive sciences graduate, he is a MISTI-Japan intern at Reazon Holdings (Japan) this summer. Learn about his work and his internship in Chile in this video essay.

Owen Coté


June 26, 2024

Owen Coté, longtime associate director of the Security Studies Program, dies at 63

Owen Coté PhD ’96, a principal research scientist with the Security Studies Program (SSP), passed away on June 8 after battling cancer. He joined SSP in 1997 as associate director, a role he held for the rest of his life. He guided the program through the course of three directors — each profiting from his wise counsel, leadership skills, and sense of responsibility.

Global Map


June 26, 2024


CIS offers resources on the Israel-Hamas war; Join the Center’s M3 (Mens, Manus, Mundus) initiative; SSP launches summer wargaming program; New pledge expands MISTI-Netherlands; 650+ MISTI students across the globe; Seminar XXI spotlight; Starr Forums on China, Ukraine, and Haiti; SSP Wednesday seminars

MIT Dome


June 26, 2024


Global Seed Funds awards $2.6 million; MIT-Mexico fosters cross-border collaboration; Ethnic dynamics and climate change in Africa; Rethinking the Iraq war; The rules of the game; A path to political science