• Spring 2014
May 1, 2014

Visit our website and events calendar for a complete listing of spring 2015 activities. Many of our events are captured on video and available to view on YouTube.

MISTI's Perez Honored for Leadership

April Julich Perez, associate director of the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) has been honored for her leadership with a 2014 MIT Excellence Award for Bringing Out the Best. "In her role at MISTI, April has distinguished herself in her ability to mentor, inspire, and empower each member of her staff—encouraging them to take on new responsibilities and supporting them every step of the way," said Institute Community and Equity Officer Edmund Bertschinger, who presented Perez with the award at a ceremony held February 25. 

U.S.–Iran Project Book Explores "Misperceptions"

The long–running U.S.–Iran Project, which has brought together policy makers from both countries to explore fraught periods in the relationship, has produced a second book, U.S.–Iran Misperceptions: A Dialogue, published in February by Bloombury Press. John Tirman, CIS executive director, is coeditor and coauthor with Abbas Maleki, a former Robert Wilhelm Fellow at the Center and associate professor of energy policy at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. Other contributors include Robert Jervis, Hossein Mousavian, Huss Banai, Robert Reardon, Kayhan Barzegar, Steven Miller and Matthew Bunn. It is an unique format in which Iranians and Americans write about each others' role in the Gulf, on nuclear matters, and other issues. 

SSP Wed Seminars

The Security Studies Program's lunchtime lectures included: Benjamin Miller, University of Haifa, on "Competing Models of War and Peace: How Relevant are they in the Post–Cold War Era?"; Daniel Drezner, Tufts University, on "Does Military Power Attract Foreign Investment?"; Risa Brooks, Marquette University, on "Societies and Terrorist Violence: How Community Ties Influence Militant Groups' Targeting of Civilians"; and Fred Kaplan, Slate Magazine on "America and the World in the Age of Obama," A full list of SSP Seminars for spring 2014 is available here.

Starr Forums

The Center hosted multiple Starr Forums including: A film screening of "The Network" with Eva Orner (director) and Fotini Christi (MIT); "Ukraine: What's Next?" With John Herbst (former ambassador to Ukraine), Eugene Fishel (State Department), Oxana Shevel (Tufts), Carol Saivetz (MIT), and Barry Posen (MIT); "Junk Food and the Modern Mind" with Captain Joseph Hibbeln (NIH), Rachel Gow (NIH, Lynn Todman (MIT); "Indian Ocean: The Vortex of Destiny" with Ranil Wickremesinghe (former prime minister of Sri Lanka and a Robert E. WIlhelm Fellow at CIS) and Ken Oye (MIT). 

Myron Weiner Seminar Series on International Migration

This semester, the Center hosted a seminar on "Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon: Current and Looming Problems," by Jennifer Leaning, Harvard School of Public Health and "Seeking Harmony between the Formal and Informal: Integrating Migrant Remittances for Post–Conflict Development" with John R Harris and Daivi Rodima–Tyalor, both from Boston University.

Luvisi, Nhuch Receive Infinite Mile Awards

Two CIS staff members have been awarded Infinite Mile awards for 2014. Michelle Nhuch, director of public programs, has received a "Great Ideas" award and Susan Luvisi, administrative assistant for MISTI, has received an "Unsung Hero" award. The Infinite Mile Awards will be presented at a SHASS luncheon later in May. 

Bustani Middle East Seminar

The Emile Bustani Middle East Seminar hosted two talks: "The Ides of April: the presidential succession crisis and the dilemmas of the Algerian oligarchy," with Hugh Roberts (Edward Keller Professor of North African and Middle Eastern History and Director, Middle Eastern Studies Program at Tufts University); and "The Nuclear Agreement with Iran and It's Ramifications for the Regional Politics of the Middle East," with Ali Banuazizi (Professor of Political Science at Boston College and Director of the Program of Islamic Civilization and Societies).