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If you have story ideas or would like to write an article, please contact the 2023-2024 graduate student editor Miriam Hinthorn or editor Michelle English.

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Spring 2010
précis Interview: Ben Ross Schneider

Ben Ross Schneider is a professor of political science in the Department of Political Science at MIT. Schneider also co-directs MIT Brazil, which is part of the Center's MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI); the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Institutions and Development (IWID), and the Harvard-MIT Workshop on the Political Economy of Development in Brazil. 

He discusses with précis opportunities for research-related activities in Brazil, his current and future research agenda on Latin America, and the upcoming presidential elections in Brazil.

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Buying national security Buying national security: how America plans and pays for its global role and safety at homeBy Gordon Adams and Cindy Williams

National security budgets are the most dependable reflection of US security policy. Seeing things through the lens of the budget can help decision-makers and ordinary citizens discern the genuine priorities of national leaders from the oftentimes illusory ones portrayed in rhetoric.

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Not in your backyard: understanding state action against violent non-state actorsBy Keren Fraiman

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's (AQAP's) failed attempt to destroy a commercial airliner on Christmas Day has thrust Yemen back into the world spotlight as an important base for jihadist terrorist activity. The bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, apparently received operational guidance in Yemen shortly beforehand, and AQAP leaders there have since claimed responsibility for the attack. 

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Patricia Gercik, associate director of the MISTI and managing director of the MIT-Japan Program, received an MIT Excellence Award in the category of "Bringing Out the Best: Everyday Leadership throughout MIT"; CIS Senior Fellows include Christian Caryl, George J. Gilboy, and Robert Madsen; The Center welcomed back to MIT Ambassador Barbara Bodine for a Starr Forum on " Yemen: Avoiding the Mistakes and Learning the Lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq; The Center's series Audit of the Conventional Wisdom continues with an analysis of the defense budget; Barry Posen was elected membership to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Carl Kaysen, MIT's David W. Skinner Professor of Political Economy (Emeritus), passed away on February 8.

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The Center sponsored a two-day workshop, "MIT Workshop on Theory and Practice in Iraq and Afghanistan" in April; British Foreign Secretary David Miliband visited MIT to deliver the 2010 Karl Taylor Compton Lecture; M. Taylor Fravel is one among 39 outstanding scholars of Asia who was appointed to the newly formed National Asia Research Program; The Center awarded 20 summer study grants this year; David Dolev was honored at the annual Israeli Consulate Israel Independence day celebration.


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End Notes

Endnotes features the professional achievements of our scholars, students, and staff.  This includes recent awards, speaking engagements, and publications.

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