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précis, the MIT Center for International Studies magazine, features essays by our scholars, covers the wide range of Center activities, and tracks the accomplishments of our research community. It is published twice yearly, once during each academic semester.

If you have story ideas or would like to write an article, please contact the 2023-2024 graduate student editor Miriam Hinthorn or editor Michelle English.

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Fall 2015
précis Interview: Chappell Lawson on IPL

Earlier this year, CIS established the MIT International Policy Lab, whose mission is "to enhance the impact of MIT research on public policy." Professor Chappell Lawson, who serves as the faculty lead, sat down with précis to discuss the program.

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The dictator's army: battlefield effectiveness in authoritarian regimesBy Caitlin Talmadge

Why do some states successfully convert their national assets into operational- and tactical- level fighting power in war, whereas others fail even when they have the economic, demographic, and technological endowments needed to succeed?

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The pioneering role of CIS in American war gamingBy Reid Pauly

Where did this methodology of modern war games originate? In large part at MIT, where a host of legendary faculty affiliated with the Center for International Studies were crucial early adopters and innovators of the games. Beginning in the late 1950s, Lincoln "Linc" Bloomfield and others transformed rudimentary war game exercises into immersive experiences for policymakers.

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The Center announces that Meera Srinivasan, formerly a senior assistant editor with The Hindu, has been selected as the 2015/16 IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow; CIS is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Eric Heginbotham, one of this country's foremost political-military analysts of East Asia, to the post of principal research scientist; Paul Heer, a recent National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, has been named a Robert E. Wilhelm fellow; facing the global refugee crisis

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MIT announced the first call for proposals from the International Policy Lab (IPL); Mayumi Fukushima has published a very useful guide to using Japanese government archives on the widely used H-Diplo; The Carnegie Corporation of New York has awarded SSP a 36 month, $1 million, grant to support its research on the global "Diffusion of Power"; CIS has nurtured an innovative outreach program open to MIT undergraduate and graduate students called Generation Global; The Center hosted multiple Starr Forums this fall.

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End Notes

End Notes features the professional achievements of our scholars, students, and staff. This includes recent awards, speaking engagements, and publications.

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