International Migration Symposium: Panel Discussion on the 40th anniversary of the Inter University Committee on International Migration

To honor its founders Myron Weiner Ford International Professor of Political Science at MIT & Director of MIT’s Center for International Studies and Professor John Harris and its sustaining member and former Chair Dr. Sharon Stanton Russell

Tuesday November 4, 2014 at 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for International Studies
Pye Room - E40-496

Chair: John Tirman
Executive Director and a Principal Research Scientist at MIT Center for International Studies

John R. Harris
Professor of Economics, Boston University and co-founder of the Inter-University Committee on International Migration (IUCIM)
Topic: Formation of the IUCIM and the evolution of research on the economics of migration and associated remittance flows

Peggy Levitt
Professor of Sociology, Wellesley College; Co-Director of the Transnational Studies Initiative, Harvard University
Topic: Transnational migration, social remittances, and the social turn in migration studies

Michael Teitelbaum
Demographer and former Vice President of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; Senior Research Associate Harvard Law School
Topic: Human Capital Mercantilism and International Migration

Kelly Greenhill
Associate Professor, Tufts University and Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
Topic: The Coercive Power of Mass Migrations