2021-2022 Fellows

Seven students, including one two-person team, are being awarded Human Rights & Technology Fellowships in the program’s fourth year.

Human Rights & Technology Fellows, 2021-2022

Graduate students

  1. Neil Gaikwad, PhD student in Media Lab, will work on Towards Equitable Design Framework of humanitarian AI for sustainability and global inclusion.

  2. Eyal Hanfling, PhD student in Political Science, will work on social media as a tool for witnessing and documenting discrimination in South Asia.

  3. Anisha Gade and Wonyoung So, both PhD students in DUSP, will work on Tenant Screening in Public Housing and housing vouching programs: Through the lens of housing as a human right.

  4. Ambar Reyes-Lopez, Graduate student in Media Lab, will work on Live streaming and crowded-source media production: how Latina-American migrants document, produce and distribute information in times of crisis in NYC.

  5. Agrawal Surbhi, Graduate student in DUSP, will work on Urban Digitization – A value based approach (working title).

  6. Mona Vijaykumar, Graduate student in DUSP, will work on Technology as a double edged sword.