2019-2020 Fellows

In its second year, the Human Rights & Technology Program has awarded seven research fellowships to MIT students, with a total of ten fellows, six undergraduate and four graduate students.

Human Rights & Technology Fellows, 2019-2020

Undergraduate students

  1. Alexa Jan  (Comparative Media Studies) Will examine the use of technology in monitoring migrants at US.-Mexico border
  2. Max Raven, Natasha Hirt, Peyton Shields, Evan Hostetler[1]   Social media promoting activism for workers’ rights
  3. Alia Rizvi  (DUSP ‘22)  How can video games be designed to promote social justice

Graduate students

  1. Kevin Lee  (DUSP)  How Micronesian migrant workers use Facebook groups to deal with labor exploitation
  2. Prathima Muniyappa (Media Arts & Sciences) Promoting the survival of indigenous knowledge and culture through climate adaptation
  3. Anika Ullah (Media Lab) Producing new knowledge about human rights issues encompassing agricultural biotechnologies, to foster GM crop risk management
  4. Lizzie Yarina (DUSP) Examining how Dutch aid—technical strategies for climate adaptation—in Vietnam impact human rights

[1] Respectively, Mechanical Engineering ’21, Architecture ’22, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science ’22, Mechanical Engineering ‘22