CIS Policy on Events

The Center is an open, diverse, and public-spirited place that values a wide range of views. To that end, we help fund many events, speakers, publications, and visitors that articulate a variety of opinions, with the understanding that well-meaning people can come to sharply divergent opinions with the same information. Like the entire MIT community, we are dedicated to the generation of new knowledge and the rigorous training of students, and in that spirit, we honor, welcome, and intend to stimulate substantive, civil debate.

We cannot contribute to every event that we are asked to, however, in part due to limited resources and in part so that, in keeping with the focus of the center, our funds are used to support a broad range of issues on topics of international affairs. Above all, we hope any funds we supply will stimulate creative and critical thinking that contributes to MIT’s educational mission.  

Requests for funding should be made well in advance of the event, and can be directed to the CIS Administrative Officer, John Congdon (