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Chinese military

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December 29, 2023

Podcast: China’s military strategy since 1949

Benjamin Jebb and Alisa LauferModern War Institute

MIT Security Studies Program director M Taylor Fravel joins the Irregular Warfare podcast alongside retired Lieutenant General Charles W Hooper to discuss the history of China's military strategy starting from 1949.

Carlo Ratti

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December 22, 2023

Carlo Ratti named curator of 2025 Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition

Peter DizikesMIT News

Professor of the practice and innovative scholar of urban design and dynamics will oversee leading global showcase for architectural work. Ratti is the faculty director for the MIT-Italy Program.

MIT dome

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December 21, 2023

Minicourse open to the MIT community gives context to the Middle East crisis

Zach WinnMIT News

MIT community members can learn more about the Israel-Hamas conflict through a recently developed online course organized by Middle East and North Africa (MENA)/MIT at MIT’s Center for International Studies.

Eric Evans seated in front of the lincoln labaratory

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December 6, 2023

Eric Evans to step down as director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Zach WinnMIT News

Eric Evans, who is stepping down as director of MIT Lincoln Labortory on July 1, 2024, will hold an appointment on the MIT campus as a senior fellow in the Center’s Security Studies Program. 

Students crossing the street by the MIT Lobby 10 entrance

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December 4, 2023

3 Questions: Melissa Nobles on combating antisemitism and Islamophobia

MIT News OfficeMIT News

MIT’s chancellor discusses the university's effort to educate the community and combat hate, including a three-session online course organized by the Center for International Studies. 

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November 17, 2023

Foreign policy scholars examine the China-Russia relationship

Peter DizikesMIT News

An expert panel discussed the strengths, and limits, of the alignment between the two world powers and US rivals.

students at heritage meets heritage event

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November 17, 2023

Celebrating diversity and cultural connections

Michael BrindleyMIT News

At a “Heritage Meets Heritage” event, MIT students enjoy conversations, trivia, and delicacies from around the world. The event was co-sponsored by MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives.

Nov 1 Israel Gaza conflict Starr Forum event

In the News

November 7, 2023

Panel examines Israel-Hamas conflict

Peter DizikesMIT News

A panel of experts evaluated the dynamics of the conflict, and discussed the elements that could be necessary for longer-term stability—while noting that any ideas about a lasting resolution are necessarily speculative. The Starr Forum event was part of MIT’s pursuit of open engagement and dialogue on difficult issues. After Oct. 7, MIT President Sally Kornbluth released a statement condemning the terror attacks. MIT’s Muslim and Jewish chaplains have also issued a joint statement calling for mutual respect among all on campus.

Lerna Ekmekcioglu headshot

In the News

November 7, 2023

Centering feminism

Benjamin DanielMIT News

Lerna Ekmekcioglu, director of MIT’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program and McMillan-Stewart Associate Professor of History, details her research on the intersections of feminism, marginalized identities, and inclusion throughout history and the world.

Brazilian high-schoolers, guided by MIT students, designed and built a remote-controlled vehicle to explore the semiarid landscape of northeastern Brazil.

In the News

November 6, 2023

Expanding student horizons with support of MIT-Brazil

Mark SullivanSpectrum

Naming gift from Henri Slezynger boosts MIT-Brazil Program, which provides opportunities for students to participate in MIT Global Teaching Labs and internships in industry and university research labs.

Suzanne Berger on panel

In the News

November 3, 2023

How to decarbonize the world, at scale

Peter DizikesMIT News

Quoted: “We’re now at a moment of unique openness and opportunity for creating a new American production system.” Institute Professor Suzanne Berger made a panel appearance at the 2023 MITEI Annual Research Conference for a discussion on the financial and policy implications of climate change.

US troops in Iraq

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October 27, 2023

What helped change the US Army counterinsurgency doctrine?

Christopher GoedWavellRoom

Ford International Professor of Political Science Barry Posen was cited in an analysis of the US Army’s counterinsurgency doctrine in the early 2000s.

ADEM ALTAN/AFP via Getty Images

In the News

October 26, 2023

The three faces of Ataturk

Throughline PodcastNPR

Lerna Ekmekcioglu, the McMillan-Stewart Associate Professor of History, is featured on NPR’s history podcast Throughline. She talks about learning about the Armenian genocide while growing up as an Armenian in Turkey.

Migrants at the Polish border fence in Belarus Photo: Agnieszka Sadowska / AP

In the News

October 24, 2023

Attempts at blackmail by neighboring European countries: 'Refugees are being used as weapons'

Steffen LüdkeDer Spiegel

Kelly M Greenhill, director of the Seminar XXI Program, spoke with Der Spiegel about how countries like Belarus, Turkey, and Tunisia are using refugees to advance their own interests, as well as how Europe can respond. Note: Content is in German.

Drew Story

In the News

October 23, 2023

Q&A: Magnifying research impact with policymakers

MIT Center for International StudiesMIT News

MIT News interviews managing director of the MIT Policy Lab Drew Story. Story discusses the projects and aspirations of the Lab: “The Policy Lab is an impact magnifier for MIT researchers. When scholars want to see their work have an impact on public policy, we empower and support them to do just that.”

Spectators wave Chinese flags as military vehicles carrying DF-41 ballistic missiles roll during a parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Communist China in Beijing, Oct. 1, 2019.

In the News

October 19, 2023

New Pentagon report claims China now has over 500 operational nuclear warheads

Emily FengNPR

Quoted: Director of the Security Studies Program M Taylor Fravel says China’s acceleration and expansion of its nuclear weapons program is “a complete transformation” as he talks to NPR about the country’s doubling of warheads.

Palestinians displaced from the northern Gaza Strip filled the grounds of a United Nations-run school in Khan Younes

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October 14, 2023

Local experts decry forced displacement of Gazans

John HilliardBoston Globe

Quoted: Noora Lori, associate professor of international relations at Boston University and member of the steering committee of the Inter-University Committee on International Migration, is calling for the opening of humanitarian corridors to aid Gazans escaping violent conflict in the area. She states “they’re still under constant shelling, they have no food, water, electricity, nowhere to go, and no safe passage."

Jim Walsh

In the News

October 9, 2023

War in Israel: Military and diplomatic analysis

Here & NowWBUR

Jim Walsh, senior research associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Security Studies Program, explains the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel and wartime diplomacy.

Group of MEET participants taking a selfie together

In the News

October 6, 2023

Empowering students to bring change in the Middle East

Zach WinnMIT News

The Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET) program’s mission is to empower students to positively impact the Middle East by showing them the value of collaboration as they go through a fast-paced curriculum. The MIT student portion of the program is organized and supported by MISTI.

Caption:Empowering the Teachers spring 2022 cohort with MIT Professor Tayo Akinwande (center) at Killian Court.

In the News

October 3, 2023

Fellowship program empowers Nigerian academics to transform engineering education in their local universities

Danna LorchMIT News

The program, which is coordinated by the MIT Center for International Studies, brings talented Nigerian academics at the postdoctoral level to MIT for a semester-long immersive experience, then sends them back out into the field to teach, research, and grow into influential leadership roles in their higher education system.

Daron Acemoglu at campus talk

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September 29, 2023

Who will benefit from AI?

Peter DizikesMIT News

At a Starr Forum, MIT economist and Institute Professor Daron Acemoglu presented the case for using AI to produce shared prosperity by supplementing workers, rather than replacing them. 

Ceremony to christen Taiwanese submarine

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September 28, 2023

Submarines are Taiwan’s best defense against a Chinese invasion

David AxeForbes

Quoted: In a majority of the simulations, “submarines were able to enter the Chinese defensive zone and wreak havoc with the Chinese fleet,” concluded SSP principal research scientist Eric Heginbotham along with his co-authors Mark Cancian and Matthew Cancian.

Headshot of Taylor Fravel

In the News

September 26, 2023

Q&A: The BRICS expansion and the global balance of power

Peter DizikesMIT News

In a Q&A with MIT News, Security Studies Program director M Taylor Fravel examines the potential and limitations of a bigger BRICS group of countries — and what it means for the US.

In the News

September 15, 2023

What's behind Kim Jong Un's trip to Russia


In a segment during WBUR's Here & NowJim Walsh, senior research associate in the Security Studies Program, says that Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un signals trouble for Russia's offensive efforts in the Ukraine War. Putin is seeking military cooperation with North Korea as a result.

A U.S. Marine shows off a Grp I UAS Black Hornet drone as part of the Rim of the Pacific 2016 exercise at Camp Pendleton, California, in July 2016. | REUTERS

In the News

September 13, 2023

US allies and partners critical for Pentagon’s drone swarm strategy

Gabriel DominguezThe Japan Times

Quoted: “The most advanced technologies will likely be found in the drones’ software, communication systems and shielding from electromagnetic effects.” SSP principal research scientist Eric Heginbotham says that cheap smart drones acquired by the US military would have the same operational capability as high end drones as it seeks to neutralize China's military advantages.

Students collaborate with the MIT-Israel Zuckerman STEM Seed Fund awardee Leo Anthony Celi, a principal research scientist at MIT.

In the News

September 12, 2023

Unlocking global research potential

Center for International Studies

The Global Seed Fund program call for proposals launched on September 12. “We are looking forward to another robust application cycle,” says Justin Leahey, assistant director of GSF. The 2023-24 call will include new funds in additional countries, including but not limited to Armenia, Brazil, India, and Norway. 

screenshot of Carol Saivetz

In the News

September 7, 2023

Evaluating the Ukraine counteroffensive

GBH News

Carol Saivetz, senior advisor in the Security Studies Program, joined GBH News to give her assessment on the Ukraine counteroffensive launched against Russia.

screenshot of Carol Saivetz

In the News

August 25, 2023

Questions remain after presumed death of Wagner chief


Carol Saivetz, senior advisor in the Security Studies Program, discusses the aftermath of the Wagner Group plane crash in Russia with political commentator Sue O’Connell.

Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin

In the News

August 23, 2023

Podcast: Prigozhin plane down

Dan ReaWBZ News Radio1030

Professor of Soviet and Post-Soviet History Elizabeth Wood joins Dan Rea's podcast to explain Russia's Wagner Group plane crash and the history of the mercenary group's leader Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Map of South China Sea

In the News

August 23, 2023

Can the Philippines peacefully settle territorial disputes with China in the West Philippine Sea?

Rommel C BanlaoiEurasia Review

Quoted: SSP director M Taylor Fravel's study on China found evidence of the country settling territorial disputes through peaceful resolutions and demonstrated patience. As argued in this op-ed by Rommel C Banlaoi, the same can happen with China's territorial disputes with the Philippines.

Apekshya Prasai on iPad

In the News

August 22, 2023

Apekshya Prasai: Up in arms

Leda ZimmermanMIT Political Science

Apekshya Prasai, a PhD candidate in MIT’s Department of Political Science, studies how rebel groups subvert entrenched patriarchal structures, ideas and norms and the role women play in this process.

In the News

August 18, 2023

KBS Documentary: 'Pachinko' and Min Jin Lee


Former CIS director Richard J Samuels was interviewed in a recent Korean documentary on the author Min Jin Lee.

Ukrainian soldiers fire a SPG recoilless gun during a military training.

In the News

August 18, 2023

Should the west keep arming Ukraine or push for peace?

Emma AshfordForeign Policy

Quoted: “Military history suggests the challenges here are also more daunting than have been commonly understood—at least among the public in the West.” Ford International Professor of Political Science Barry Posen suggests that the difficulty of Ukraine’s fight to take back territory is not fully understood by the West in his article in Foreign Policy on Ukraine’s “breakthrough problem.”

China rocket forces

In the News

August 9, 2023

China's military shake-up: Power play or strategy shift?

Yuchen Li in TaipeiDeutsche Welle

Quoted: Director of the Security Studies Program M Taylor Fravel told Germany broadcaster Deutsche Welle that China’s recent military leadership replacements show that "leadership positions in the party remain precarious, even after more than 10 years of Xi [Jinping's] rule and consolidation of power."

women walking through Egypt

In the News

August 7, 2023

Using social media to raise awareness of women’s resources

Peter DizikesMIT News

Director of the MIT Sociotechnical Systems Research Center and CIS affiliate Fotini Christia successfully led an experiment that shows effective ways to spread resources for women facing domestic violence in Egypt.

The U.S. flag flying near the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem

In the News

August 3, 2023

Why the US needs to move on from Israel, according to this ex-White House official

Ben SamuelsHaaretz

Our 2021-23 CIS Wilhelm Fellow Steven Simon argues that "American support for Israel no longer serves strategic US interests."

Chinese President Xi Jinping flanked by military officials.

In the News

August 2, 2023

China replaces nuclear force leadership in surprise shake-up

Dan De LuceNBC News

Quoted: Director of the Security Studies Program M Taylor Fravel says Xi Jinping's replacement of two generals overseeing China's nuclear and missile arsenal is "unprecedented in the history of China’s missile forces."

Chinese rockets

In the News

July 31, 2023

China unveils new head of Rocket Force amid reported probes

Bloomberg NewsBloomberg

Quoted: “Wang’s appointment as commander indicates a desire to clean house within the PLARF leadership,” said M Taylor Fravel, director of the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

 Pictured is a postcard of Lausanne from 1923.

In the News

July 24, 2023

The “forgotten peace” of World War I

Peter DizikesMIT News

The Treaty of Lausanne is an often-overlooked event of great historical significance for Armenians, contends MIT historian Lerna Ekmekcioglu.

In the News

July 24, 2023

Briefly noted: 'Grand Delusion' review

The New Yorker

CIS Robert E Wilhelm Fellow Steven Simon's new book "Grand Delusion" is reviewed by The New Yorker.

Headshot of Fotini Christia

In the News

July 5, 2023

3 Questions: International collaborations in a shifting geopolitical climate

Office of the Associate Provost for International ActivitiesMIT News

Professor Fotini Christia, director of the MIT Sociotechnical Systems Research Center and chair of the International Advisory Committee, reflects on the committee’s work.

Airplane wing

In the News

June 26, 2023

MIT climate and sustainability interns consider aviation emissions and climate change


Over 600 students embark on MISTI experiences across 25 countries, with 20% of placements dedicated to climate and sustainability.

Melissa Nobles on Al Jazeera

In the News

June 24, 2023

MIT chancellor: What are the challenges facing higher education?

Al Jazeera

Melissa Nobles, chancellor of MIT, talks to Al Jazeera about diversity and equal opportunity in the US education system.

Joe Biden and Netanyahu

In the News

June 17, 2023

What can Joe Biden do about Benjamin Netanyahu?

Bernard AvishaiThe New Yorker

Quoted: “There are plenty of reasons for Americans to care” about what Netanyahu’s coalition is doing, but “there just aren’t that many reasons for the administration to do anything,” said Steven Simon, a former Middle East adviser to the White House of Obama and the author of the recently published “Grand Delusion: The Rise and Fall of American Ambition in the Middle East,” told me. 

Infinite Mile Award Winners

In the News

June 13, 2023

SHASS announces 2023 Infinite Mile Award winners

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social SciencesMIT News

Five staff members recognized for their contributions to the MIT community, including Matthew Burt, Managing Director of the MIT-Korea Program.

Elizabeth Wood on Scripps News

In the News

June 12, 2023

Elizabeth Wood on "Day of Russia" holiday

Scripps News

MIT History Professor Elizabeth Wood appears on Scripps News to discuss the historical significance of Russia Day, June 12, in the breakup of the USSR and the formation of an independent Ukraine. 

Headshot of Mai Hassan

In the News

June 7, 2023

When movements topple dictators

Christine ThielmanSpectrum

Associate professor of political science Mai Hassan examines contentious politics and collective action in autocratic regimes—and the barriers to democratization that follow. 

Headshot of Gabriela Sa Pessoa

In the News

June 6, 2023

Q&A: Gabriela Sá Pessoa on Brazilian politics, human rights in the Amazon, and AI

Sabina Van MellMIT News

The Brazilian social justice reporter is the 2023 Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow at the MIT Center for International Studies.

Caption:Lily Tsai (left), founder and director of MIT GOV/LAB, welcome fellows to MIT GOV/LAB as part of their onboarding

In the News

June 5, 2023

New MIT fellowship supports student research on governance innovation with Global South governments

Seongkyul ParkMIT News

A new cross-institute initiative between MIT Governance Lab, MISTI, and the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center to support graduate student work in public sector innovation.

French President Emmanuel Macron gestures as he delivers a speech

In the News

June 2, 2023

Is Europe serious about self-defense, or free-riding?

Emma Ashford and Matthew KroenigForeign Policy

Quoted: "Barry Posen, for example, has several good pieces that explore the defense ramifications, costs, and risks of transferring more responsibility to European states." 

Chancellor Melissa Nobles giving her address

In the News

June 2, 2023

Chancellor Melissa Nobles’ address to MIT’s undergraduate Class of 2023

Melissa NoblesMIT News

Chancellor and CIS affiliate Melissa Nobles spoke to this year's graduating class.

In the News

May 23, 2023

Q&A: How studying Portuguese helps to look at life through a different lens

Lisa HicklerMIT News

Aeronautics and astronautics major Theo St. Francis describes his studies of Portuguese and travels to Brazil with the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives' Global Teaching Labs.

A digital rendering of the Green Mosque in Balkh, Afghanistan, a 16th Century building.

In the News

May 19, 2023

Architectural heritage like you haven’t seen it before

Peter DizikesMIT News

MIT’s “Ways of Seeing” project, directed by Fotini Christia, a professor, is a historic preservation effort recording architecture through digital imaging, Extended Reality techniques, and hand-drawn architectural renderings.

Clockwise from top left: Nicholas Ackert, Nilma Dominque, Caitlyn Doyle, Margery Resnick, Teresa Neff, and Emily Goodling

In the News

May 18, 2023

Six MIT SHASS educators receive 2023 Levitan Teaching Awards

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social SciencesMIT News

Nicholas Ackert, a PhD candidate in the MIT Security Studies Program, received a James A and Ruth Levitan Teaching Award for 2023, along with five others. The awards honor outstanding success in teaching undergraduate and graduate students.

Carol Saivetz sitting in the GBH studio

In the News

May 15, 2023

Video: Ukraine pledges to take back Russian-occupied territories, but experts argue success is unlikely

GBH News

Carol Saivetz, Senior Advisor at the MIT Security Studies Program, appeared on GBH News to discuss the coming Ukrainian counteroffensive.

MIT student working in a lab

In the News

May 12, 2023

New MIT-Denmark collaboration to expand opportunities for global impact


A grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation will allow more MIT interns to connect with innovators in Denmark.

Mai Hassan and Sally Kornbluth

In the News

May 9, 2023

Podcast: Bureaucracies, dictatorships, and the power of Africa’s people

MIT News

President Sally Kornbluth talks with Associate Professor Mai Hassan about public administration in Africa and how people mobilize against repressive regimes.

American flag hanging

In the News

May 8, 2023

Radio: 'Grand Delusion' with Steven Simon on Monday's Access Utah

Tom WilliamsUtah Public Radio

CIS Wilhelm Fellow Steven Simon joined Tom Williams on Utah Public Radio to discuss his new book Grand Delusion: The Rise and Fall of American Ambition in the Middle East.

Richard Samuels and Evan Lieberman

In the News

May 5, 2023

A transformative era ends at the Center for International Studies

MIT News

“Dick Samuels built the CIS into a vibrant incubator of ideas, an engine of scholarly output and policy relevance, and a place where fierce debates could occur while friendships were forged. This is the institution that Evan Lieberman, one of the department’s most creative and entrepreneurial members, will soon take in exciting new directions,” says David Singer, head of the Department of Political Science and Raphael Dorman-Helen Starbuck Professor of Political Science.

Having just disembarked a train, people walk with their luggage across the tracks in Lviv.

In the News

May 2, 2023

In a time of war, a new effort to help

Peter DizikesMIT News

MIT-Ukraine program leaders describe the work they are undertaking as they shape a novel project to help a country in crisis.

Chinese nuclear missiles

In the News

April 26, 2023

China pushes largest-ever expansion of nuclear arsenal

AFPFrance 24

Quoted: "The changes that are taking place or under way are very significant" and "will turn China from a state that has a nuclear retaliatory capability to one that is the world's third major nuclear power", Eric Heginbotham, Principal Research Scientist at MIT's Center for International Studies, told AFP.

In the News

April 21, 2023

Just like yesterday? New critiques of the nuclear revolution

Paul C AveryTexas National Security Review

Quoted: "This conceptualization largely includes Barry Posen’s discussion of inadvertent escalation resulting from conventional operations that unintentionally degrade the survivability of an opponent’s nuclear arsenal."

101st Airborne Division helos during Operation Iraqi Freedom

In the News

April 20, 2023

A scathing critique of US Middle East policy, from Carter to Biden

Andrew ExumThe Washington Post

Steven Simon's merciless new history of American engagement in the Middle East from Jimmy Carter to Joe Biden spares few: In the estimation of the author, no American policymakers, across Republican or Democratic administrations, have much to be proud of.

In the News

April 19, 2023

America’s imposition on incompatible Middle East realities

John SawersFinancial Times

John Sawers reviews CIS Wilhelm Fellow Steven Simon's newly published book Grand Delusion: The Rise and Fall of American Ambition in the Middle East, writing that it is "a brilliantly written critique of 45 years of US foreign policy in the Mideast".

A UN Security Council meeting, New York City, March 2022

In the News

April 18, 2023

The myth of multipolarity

Stephen G Brooks and William C WohlforthForeign Affairs

Quoted: "Consider the capabilities that give the United States what the political scientist Barry Posen has called 'command of the commons'—that is, control over the air, the open sea, and space. Command of the commons is what makes the United States a true global military power."

In the News

April 18, 2023

The forty-year war: How America lost the Middle East

Lisa AndersonForeign Affairs

Steven Simon's new book Grand Delusion: The Rise and Fall of American Ambition in the Middle East offers "a comprehensive, even magisterial review of US policy in the Middle East over the past half century."

Arrest of Jack Teixeira

In the News

April 13, 2023

Arrest in leaked classified documents investigation shocks neighbors in Dighton

Michael Yoshida, Caroline Goggin, and Keke Vencill7 News WHDH Boston

Quoted: Speaking with 7NEWS, security expert Barry Posen said the leak was “a really colossal screw up on somebody’s part.”

In the News

April 12, 2023

New book explores last 4 decades of US involvement, failures in Middle East

ABC News

ABC News' Linsey Davis spoke with Robert E Wilhelm Fellow Steven Simon about his new book "Grand Delusion: The Rise and Fall of American Ambition in the Middle East."

The Department of the Treasure with the Washington Monument in the background

In the News

April 6, 2023

Paying the defense bill: Financing American and Chinese geostrategic competition

Rosella Cappella Zielinski and Samuel GerstleTexas National Security Review

Quoted: As Barry Posen writes, “Restraint would contribute to the U.S. economy by saving significant amounts of money, which could be reallocated to restoring the fiscal health of the country, whether that is a short-term or long-term problem.”

President José Maria Neves of Cape Verde

In the News

April 5, 2023

José Maria Neves, president of Cape Verde, tours MIT

Peter DizikesMIT News

The visit featured a public seminar on African governance, as well as meetings with faculty, students, and staff.

In the News

March 30, 2023

India-China border tensions and US strategy in the Indo-Pacific

Center for a New American Security (CNAS)

M Taylor Fravel, Arthur and Ruth Sloan Professor of Political Science and Director of the MIT Security Studies Program, participated in an expert panel discussion on India-China border tensions and US strategy in the Indo-Pacific. 

Student teams working together

In the News

March 29, 2023

Boosting passenger experience and increasing connectivity at the Hong Kong International Airport

Danna LorchMIT News

Recently, a cohort of 36 students from MIT and universities across Hong Kong came together for the MIT Entrepreneurship and Maker Skills Integrator (MEMSI), an intense two-week startup boot camp hosted at the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node. MEMSI is a collaboration among the MIT Innovation Initiative, the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives, and Project Manus.

In the News

March 13, 2023

If Russia goes nuclear, how does the West respond?


Quoted: Stephen Van Evera voiced fear about the potential for nuclear escalation in Ukraine, saying the “balance of resolve” there is tilting against the United States. 

A destroyed building in Ukraine

In the News

March 6, 2023

Assessing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, after a year of war

Peter DizikesMIT News

MIT event examines effects of the war on domestic politics and daily life in both Ukraine and Russia.


In the News

February 21, 2023

Russia suspends participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the US

Here & NowWBUR

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that his country would suspend participation in the New START treaty, the last remaining nuclear arms control agreement with the US. Here & Now discusses what this means with Massachusetts Institute of Technology security analyst Jim Walsh.

In the News

February 18, 2023

What's behind the Chinese spy balloon

Isaac ChotinerThe New Yorker

President Xi Jinping has modernized and expanded his military, but the balloon incident may indicate the challenges he faces in consolidating its power. An interview with MIT Security Studies Program Director M Taylor Fravel.

Mao Ning, a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman, fielding questions about the stray balloon that traversed the United States, at a news conference in Beijing on Monday. Credit...Mark R Cristino/EPA, via Shutterstock

In the News

February 6, 2023

China’s balloon dispute aims attention at Xi’s leadership

David PiersonThe New York Times

Quoted: "M. Taylor Fravel, the director of the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an expert on China’s military, said he thought that China’s leadership would not have authorized the balloon’s flight to the United States had it been aware of its journey, given Mr. Blinken’s visit."

Headshot of Kelly Greenhill

In the News

February 5, 2023

An interview with Kelly Greenhill

Daniel Blake-MartinE-International Relations

Kelly M Greenhill, Senior Research Scholar and Director of the Seminar XXI Program, is interviewed by E-International Relations. 

In the News

February 3, 2023

What our response to the Chinese balloon saga shows about the changing landscape of surveillance

Peter O'DowdWBUR

Senior Research Associate Jim Walsh joins Here & Now host Peter O'Dowd to discuss the suspected Chinese spy balloon. 

In the News

February 2, 2023

KIS offers diverse learning experiences through MISTI workshop

Park Jun-heeThe Korea Herald

Korea International School hosted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology International Science and Technology Initiatives in January for the first time in three years to offer new learning experiences to students.

rescuers search for survivors at an apartment block hit by Russian rockets during a massive missile attack on Dnipro

In the News

January 23, 2023

Why Putin’s attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure could backfire

Peter RutlandResponsible Statecraft

Quoted: MIT Professor Barry Posen describes the bombing campaign as “well executed” and “cunningly effective,” serving to divert Ukraine’s resources away from preparing offensive operations.

Burning forest in Brazil

In the News

January 19, 2023

Q&A: Gabriela Sá Pessoa talks hope and crisis in Lula’s Brazil

Covering Climate NowColumbia Journalism Review

Covering Climate Now talked with Gabriela Sá Pessoa about ongoing, alarming deforestation in the Amazon rain forest, journalistic accountability during the recently concluded administration of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, and stories to follow now that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has taken power. 

NATO warships

In the News

January 10, 2023

The NATO-EU joint declaration is a defeat for Americans

Justin LoganCato Institute

Quoted: "And it is a pretty big transfer payment: a very conservative estimate from MIT’s Barry Posen put the figure on the order of $70–80 billion per year, even retaining the U.S. nuclear umbrella and intelligence assistance."

In the News

January 9, 2023

Turns out ‘rethink’ was a threat not a promise in US-Saudi spat

Daniel LarisonResponsible Statecraft

Quoted: As [Barry] Posen explained it in his book, Restraint, “Secure in the knowledge that the United States will serve as the military lender of last resort, they invest in policies that redound to the political disadvantage if the United States, which can ultimately precipitate real military costs.”

In the News

January 5, 2023

New MIT internships expand research opportunities in Africa

Kristen WilcoxMIT News

Quoted: “These internships are an opportunity to better merge the research ecosystem of MIT with academia-based research systems in Africa,” says Evan Lieberman, the Total Professor of Political Science and Contemporary Africa and faculty director for MISTI.