NSEP Boren Fellowships

The National Security Education Program (NSEP) has supported MIT graduate students in the past. If you are interested in this fellowship, you MUST consult the NSEP home page. Students submit their applications directly to the Academy for Educational Development, the organization that administers the program.

NSEP Boren Fellowships enable US graduate students to pursue specialization in area and language study or to add an international dimension to their education. Applicants design their own programs and may combine domestic language and cultural study with overseas study. All fellowships must include study of a modern language other than English and the study of an area and culture. Fellowship awards are made for a minimum of one and a maximum of six academic semesters (24 months).

Each year, NSEP publishes a list of geographic areas, languages, and fields of study identified as critical to US national security. This year’s list includes about 89 countries and 63 languages.

Fellowship recipients are required to seek employment with an agency or office of the federal government involved in national security affairs. Award recipients who are unable to identify a job after making a “good faith” effort may fulfill the requirement by working in the field of US higher education in an area of study for which the fellowship was awarded. Eligible federal agencies include the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Energy, Justice, and State and the Intelligence community, as well as more than 25 committees and subcommittees of the US congress.

Guidelines and application forms may be downloaded from the NSEP website. For instructions on how to apply click here. The deadline for applications is January 30, 2019.